Our Pastor's Wife

Eartha Charlene Coffer-Demerson is a native of Amarillo, Texas. She is the second daughter of four born to the deceased founder of the Pentecostal Church of God In Christ where her husband, Superintendent Elijah B. Demerson, now pastors. Her father, Superintendent Noral C. Coffer and her mother, District Missionary Robbie M. Coffer, founded this church and spearheaded the Amarillo District #2.

Sister Demerson was groomed as a child to work in the church. With her mother being the president of the choir and music being an integral part of the household, she developed an affinity to music and started playing the piano at 5 years of age. By age 10, she was playing for the church and the choir. As a young person, Sister Eartha matriculated through the ministries of the church. Starting as a teenager and through her adult life, Sister Demerson has served in a myriad of ministries at the local, state and national levels.

“As the First Lady of the church, I envision effective and active ministry taking place that will include all cultures, generations and levels of ministerial organization in the church. The church has to derive more up-to-date methods to enhance our ministries, acquire a more acceptance and open mindedness of others, embrace constructive change, and become more determined in our evangelistic thrust to the lost and hurting souls in order to advance the Kingdom of God---without compromising the standards of Holiness. ”